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Unlike friends who wanted to grow up to be rich or others who wanted to be WC-2043envied; I wanted to grow up to be aware. Life is an accident, perhaps the inevitable consequence of the conditions that came into being at the birth of the universe. Because it was an accident, it occurred only where conditions were right for it to happen. Those were unusual circumstances, but they happened because there were so many places where they could happen. The transcendent occurrence of life becoming self-aware means that it, and it alone, can do what nothing else in the universe can do; it can seek understanding and provide meaning.

Our lives are changing in unpredictable ways; we need to be able to make judgments with clear eyes and an accurate picture of how the world operates. We don’t need an immovable place to stand; we need to make our peace with a universe that doesn’t care what we do, and take pride in the fact that we care anyway. Although we cannot be immortal, the world is, and every increase in our understanding of it, and in our power to sing its song, is a further, deeper experience of the deathlessness of the world.

It seems that we are not settled. We think that we are, but we are still hoping for somewhere else where something is better--where it's warmer, it's more interesting. Hope is the defining human quality. For nearly two million years we have striven to do things better, to make tools that are not only more efficient but also more beautiful, to explore not just environments but ideas, to struggle towards something not yet experienced. Ideas produce ideas and help evolve new ideas. They interact with each other and with other mental forces in the same brain, in neighboring brains and thanks to global communication, in far distant, foreign brains. And they also interact with the external surroundings to produce an explosive advance in evolution that is far beyond any of the quantum leaps on our earlier stage.

I was early separated from my children David and Julia so I didn't have the experience of seeing a developing child as nature's way of reducing the entropy of one corner of the universe by increasing the organism's capability of energy dissipation. I missed watching particles in a strand of DNA flowering into an artful dodger of the second law of thermodynamics, creating order from chaos. Information on a one-way street to becoming protein using the energy of the sun. The stochastic interaction of energy with matter leading to the emergence of increasingly complex adaptive systems over time.

I no longer care as much about humankind in general, but I love certain individuals and hope that the best of what we tried to be will go on to populate other star systems. Our colonies on those stars should also possess an archive filled with information that the designers think might be useful to the colonists. Before creating this archive, a committee of men of genius and goodwill should review years of history and purge it of 'the decay products of dead religions' - not just all the holy books, but also 'the immense body of literature - fiction and nonfiction - that was based upon them'. Despite all the wealth of beauty and wisdom these works contained, they can not be allowed to re-infect virgin planets with the ancient poisons of religious hatred, belief in the supernatural, and the pious gibberish with which countless billions of men and women once comforted themselves at the cost of addling their minds.

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Musings Index

Another 9/11 Anniversary


How Did Here Get Here?

Chase's 7th Birthday

The Fabric of Reality

A Clockwork Orange

Epistomology Strand

The Grand Inquisitor

Consumerism Versus Genocide

Art for Art's Sake

Edvard Munch

Vasili Kandinsky

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Piet Mondrian

Kasemir Malevich

Rene Magritte

Salvador Dali

Evolutionary Strand

Information Theory Strand

Traversable Wormholes

Awareness Communicated

Mimetic Theory

The Mother Singularity

Mimetic Theory

The Standard Model

Thought and Symbol

The Schwarzschild Radius

Symbolic Technologies

Dark Things

Fukuyama on Transhumanism

Are We There Yet?

A Transhumanist Manifesto

The Arrows of Time

A Quantum Telescope


Transhumanism As Entitlement

The Road to Reason

Persistence of Memes

Now What?

Instantiated Consciousness


Evolution of God


The Rise of Yahweh

Semitic Origins


Galileo's Commandment

The Relevancy of Science

The Bible

The Quran

Marketing God

Adam and Eve

Cain and Abel

Noah and the Ark

Procreation Management

Machining a New Soul

The Human Codon Alphabet

Symbiotic Colony

The Moist Robot

Bottom Up Genealogy

The Genetic Revolution

The Nanotechnology Revolution

The Robotic Revolution

Universal Information Processing

Memetic Matryoshka

Holonomic Brain Theory

Introduction to Wetware

Seeing in a Quantum World

Thinking In the Quantum World

What's the Matter?

What's the Purpose?

Post Primordial Nucleosynthesis

The CNO Cycle

The Genesis Stone


Chemistry to Biochemistry

A Model of the Neocortex

Nonlocality Entanglement

Biochemistry to Neurobiology

Molecular History

Under the Tree of Life

Matter Conclusion


Socratic Aestheticism

A Mind in a Cloud


From the Other Side

Marcel Duchamp

Pablo Picasso

Echos of Ray Bradbury



Formative Books

Herculaneum's Library

Roman Public Libraries



Religious Pluralism


Diagnostic Irregularities

Quantum Decohesion

Quantum Free Will

Three Wise Men

Pattern Recognition

Consciousness and the Iliad

The Alphabetic Principle

Iran Itinerary

My Brother's Vietnam

How Things Really Are